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The CEO of Avalon Consolidated In cooperation with the board of Knights as well as the sovereign Islands of Avalon, have opened the games to public at large. For the first time in history private teams may register with the A.T.T.C the Avalon Training and Tournament Circuit. This means among other things that for the first time persons of particular types of resources and training from all nations and backgrounds have the opportunity to enter the “Opens” Tournament and through merit of power, valor, and guile win a possible seat at the the round.

Previously only alumnus of Avalon affiliated Academies had ever a chance to join these incredibly prestigious games. The Avalon games have been a world wide syndicated event since a few years after the conclusion of the Second world ware. They contribute to the greatest part of the Avalon Consolidates GDP and annual prophets, and are the most watched “sport” in the world.

Many copy cats have cropped up through out the word and there are even many high-school level and college level circuits that are unaffiliated with Avalon. None have had the financial success nor the following of the Avalon Tournaments.

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